Products and Innovation

It is no wonder Tetra Pak® is the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company.

Our Packages

We offer the most attractive and complete carton packaging range for consuming fresh products. All our packages offer consumer convenience, easy opening, optimal shelf life - and the ability to give brand maximum exposure. They protect flavours, protect brands, and protect the environment. With over 7000 package combinations you can choose from, cartons are the ideal vehicle for innovation.

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How our cartons are made

To make cartons, Tetra Pak converts raw materials into finished packaging material as set out in the manufacturing process flowchart.

Carton structure and purpose

The best things in life tend to be simple in concept and excellent in practice. Cartons are no exception.

Made mainly from paperboard (approximately 70% of the total package weight), Tetra Pak's seven layer system ensures the carton protects what‘s good - both the product and the environment.

As well as keeping your product delicious and helping protect the goodness within, without the need for preservatives, the carton helps minimise the environmental impacts and costs associated with food wastage. By looking after the food we are going to eat, less ends up being disposed of and less has to be grown to feed the same number of people.

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HeliCap and DreamCap

The Vehicle For Innovation

Cartons can be the ideal vehicle for innovation to package products. Not only do they have a great environmental story to tell, but they have a full printing surface so that brands can communicate their values and innovation to their full potential.

Cartons are also a fantastic billboard to promote important events, products and messages.

Over the past few years, we have partnered with a number of companies and events to provide a unique and eye-catching communication medium to do just this.

Why not check out our concept development page to get an idea of how this is done or visit our showcase gallery for some examples of what has been done before for more inspiration.

Concept Development

Offering a unique service rarely found in packaging companies, we provide concept development services to our customers. From coming up with new product ideas, new designs or even new market concepts, we work to create new opportunities for our customers.

By working with experts from different worlds - designers, technicians, creatives, strategists and researchers - we are able to do this side by side with our clients to do just this.

Visit our showcase gallery some examples of what has been done before.

Equipment and Services

We supply everything needed for processing, packaging and distributing food and beverages. Our vast experience in food technology brings you guaranteed cost-efficient performance, trouble free operation and carton packaging solutions, with reduced environmental impact.

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