Protect What's Good for your pocket

Avoid waste and save those pennies...

So how can a simple carton help you keep money in your pocket? Simply, we waste over 360 million litres (360,000 tonnes) and 160 million litres of milk and (160,000 tonnes) of juice in the UK every year* ... That is a lot of wasted money and resources. In fact as a nation, we waste £280million worth of milk alone each year.

The special protective layers in cartons of long-life juice mean that they help protect the goodness of your milk and juice, right until you need it, without needing refrigeration. This helps you to save waste and the costs associated with refrigeration throughout the distribution chain, in store and at home.

Once opened, treat it as normal, refrigerate and consume within a few days.

How is that for savings?

Protects what's good for your pocket