Cartons are great for drinking on the go, not just in your home. They come in a whole range of shapes and sizes, with a wide easy to use caps, closures and straw solutions.

The seven layers of protection our long life cartons give, mean that even when you and your family are out and about, the goodness of your product is protected.

This means you can still give your family nutritionally dense and wholesome milk, juice and other products, even when you are away from home, particularly if you want to avoid high calorie drinks with little nutritious benefit.

Not only that, cartons are lightweight, so when you are out camping or picnic, why not enjoy wine in a carton or a range of food products in our handy Tetra Recart cartons that are not only easier to carry, there is no need for an opener too!

lunch box

Lunch boxes - extra nutrition at school


Picnic baskets - replace empty calorie drinks or enjoy a lighter tipple for adults


To the park - take nutrition packed snacks for a full day of fun


On the beach - Freeze your carton of juice or flavoured milk. As it thaws it is a slushy or a milk shake!


Playgrounds - For energy to play


Sporting events - Refuel pro athletes


Car trips - Are we there yet? Can I have something to drink


Hiking - Hydration with a protein punch or a burst of energy

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