Never run out

For many of us, milk and juice are essential items that we don't want to be without, but we end up wasting a lot it because it has gone by its use by date.

Keeping a supply in your cupboard to supplement your chilled supplies can not only help you cut your waste, but also gives you the peace of mind of knowing you won't ever be caught short without.

With handy single-serving, 500ml and family sized cartons, there's no need to ever run out. Keep a few cartons handy for recipes. Stock several types of single serve milks, flavoured milks, juices and other healthy drinks as your family emergency kit. So when you can't get to a store or you are looking for a healthier pick me up, you'll have more nutritious options available that suit everyone's needs and tastes.

Just remember to replace it twice a year - like daylight savings time, when you're checking your smoke alarm batteries.